South African Fur Seal | Arctocephalus pusillus

Distribution area South African fur seals

South African fur seals – the seals with a thick fur

Distribution area
South Africa, South and South-West coast

Living space
Coastal waters

Way of living
Living in colonies, from October to December the bulls establish harems

Several fish species, cuttle-fish and crabs

Pregnancy: 12 months (3 month egg rest, 9 months development)
The young animals have a weight of 4,5 to 7 kg and are suckled for 12 months

Body size
Weight: male: up to 350 kg, female: up to 120 kg
Length: male: up to 2,20 m, female: up to 1,60 m

Live stock / Protection status
Approx. 800.000 animals, being subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.